The Secret Meaning Behind Sarah Jessica Parker’s 2017 Golden Globes Hairstyle

Ever wondered what would be more stressful—getting ready for your wedding or a major red-carpet appearance? If anyone’s seen their fair share of both, it’s SJP (especially when you count her real-life wedding and the matrimonial moments of Carrie Bradshaw). Tonight at the 2017 Golden Globes, the actress and fashion icon merged the two by recreating her own mom’s wedding hairstyle. Interviewed on the carpet by E! News, she explained how she achieved the look by showing an old photo to her stylist as a reference. Paired with her pristine white Vera Wang gown, her updo is giving us major bridal moments, while some are considering it an homage to Carrie Fisher’s Princess Leia buns. Either way, a statement hairstyle with a backstory is a win in our book.

Skincare by Leslie Lopez, Courtesy of Babor
Faux locks never looked so fashionable. @sarahjessicaparker
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