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True Confessions Of A Professional Bridesmaid

True Confessions Of A Professional Bridesmaid

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We’ve been bridesmaids so many times we basically consider ourselves to be professionals; however, unlike Bridesmaid for Hire founder Jen Glantz, we weren’t savvy enough to actually start charging for our services. Through her ingenious business, Jen offers to perform the duties typically required of a bridesmaid for a fee, so you don’t have to rely on your potentially flaky (or champagne-buzzed) friends to handle big deeds on your big day. We were curious as to what, exactly, it looks like to get paid to be a bridesmaid, so we asked Jen for the inside scoop in advance of her book, Always a Bridesmaid (for Hire)which releases in February 2017. Here, she shares her best anecdotes and advice for being a star bridesmaid (or starting to charge for your services, as the case may be).

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