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Why Your Next Weekend Trip Should Be To Montana

Why Your Next Weekend Trip Should Be To Montana

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You likely know Montana is a beautiful, mountainous state, full of wide-open expanses, ranches and actual cowboys. But what you may not realize is how much there is to do there, and not just in the bigger cities you may be familiar with. With that in mind, we ventured to the tiny, picturesque town of Philipsburg, Montana (approximately an hour and a half from the airport in Missoula), to find out how to maximize two days in the true Wild West. And before you book your ticket, there are a couple other interesting things to note about Montana: Much of the state doesn’t have sales tax, so it’s very affordable, and some parts also allow open containers, meaning you can take a drink from a bar to go (à la New Orleans). We thought that may help convince you. Read on for why Montana should be high on your must-visit list.

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