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The Affordable Destination Fashion Girls Are Flocking To

The Affordable Destination Fashion Girls Are Flocking To

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We make a New Year’s resolution to better ourselves, and one of the most fun to put into action is traveling more. Sure, we’re just getting back on track post-holidays—you know, not sleeping till 10am and donning pajamas for the better part of the day—but we can’t help dreaming about where we’ll go this year, from quick jaunts to bucket-list vacations. One buzz-worthy location we’re obsessed with for 2017 is New Orleans. An upsurge in hip spots beyond Bourbon Street means the historical city is full of incredible food, coffee shops, bars and boutiques that rival those in New York and LA and are right up a fashion girl’s alley. It’s the perfect weekend destination for a trip with the girls or a romantic escapade. Here, a few of our favorite places to eat, drink and shop in the Big Easy.

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