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The One Workout Celebrities Rely On For A Killer Physique

The One Workout Celebrities Rely On For A Killer Physique

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While we seldom rely on a single workout for sculpted abs, toned legs and a firm derriere, there is one full-body method favored by celebrities that’s proven to be a cut above the rest: boxing. The self-defense-style exercise targets a full range of muscles at cardio speed, working to build endurance and strength through interval training. Mental dexterity is another bonus, thanks to lightning-fast sequenced combinations, all of which utilize your own body weight for a lean result rather than bulk.

Adriana Lima let us in on why the sport is more than just a way to gear up for the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show (a runway she’s been strutting since 1999!). “Boxing is my passion and helped me discover how strong I can be. It’s very empowering and it’s the one exercise that takes me to the zen zone. I give so much focus during the workouts that I don’t think about anything else. It’s so challenging, and every day I learn something new. That’s what I love about it—it’s never boring.”

The VS veteran isn’t the only boxing fanatic on the runway—angels from Gigi Hadid to her little sis Bella to Jasmine Tookes are known to pack a mean punch, with Dogpound, Aerospace and Gotham Gym being a few favorite places to train. So, in the spirit of all things strong and sexy, let us inspire you with these knockout shots of the models (and a few other cut celebs) ahead of tonight’s broadcast.

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